C IRCLE fosters a unique culture of innovation, individual creativity, special skills and methodology techniques, combined with strong personal leadership.

These attributes are embodied by every team member and enhanced by a dynamic, collaborative environment characterized by active partner involvement and continuous monitoring and organization of every single project no matter its size

We are purely interested in strong client and associates relationship which ensure long lasting cooperation, quality of work, continuous improvements and understanding of the needs of everybody.

The Leader

Nasos Josephides, MEng Civil & Structural Engineer

Nasos received education in London and graduated from CITY University. He is an active member of ICE in UK and ETEK in Cyprus.

Over the last decade he has been in charge of various projects in Cyprus, in Europe and the Middle East mainly from the position of the Project Director. During his early working experience he oversaw the construction of the new Larnaca International Airport, where he ran the construction process of a specific part until the project’s completion.

He is the co-founder and co-owner and Technical Director of CIRCLE since 2011.